MPM17A – Exercise #8: Search Engine Optimization

By Kelly Truong and Jeffrey Leung

2) Do IP addresses affect search engine ranking?

Depending on the type of server the webpage is on, IP addresses can affect the search engine rankings. Dedicated servers, which are internet hosts where the server is not shared with anyone, possesses fast loading speeds, which major search engines consider as a significant factor in a website’s value. Depending on the web hosting provider and/or shared hosting plan, a website often shares an IP with a large amount of other websites. Thus, increasing the loading times, and consumers most likely to leave the page and or never return. A site with low click popularity will have a greater search engine ranking.

“Why a Dedicated IP Address Is Important.” COLOCATION AMERICA – Colocation Services | Managed Dedicated Servers. Web. 21 Nov. 2011. <;.


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