MPM17B – Assignment #3 – Public Experience – ‘Thank You’

I made a sign that reads ‘Thank You’ but purposely held it upside down to see if and how the public will tell me I held it wrongly. When someone said “It’s upside down!”, I responded simply with “Thank You”. Click ‘Read More’ for the video of all the responses and more information!

MPC125 – Assignment #1 – Collage

This is a piece I created with the collage I created with magazine of food. I was going for a more commercial approach. It is something that can be seen on menus, nutrition booklets, etc.    

MPM17B – Assignment #2 – Thoughtless Acts

1. Wall as Table We often use the closest flat object/space we find when there’s no table nearby. Since we are almost always surrounded by walls, we don’t even realize we are writing on a vertically flipped table. 2. Plate as Tray Plates can be used for many things, but I highly doubt it’s designed…

MPM17B – Assignment #1: Good and Bad Experience

Credit: Presto is a smartcard-based fare payment system for public transit systems in Ontario. By tapping a preloaded presto card onto a reader on a bus or subway station, the cost of a trip fare is automatically deducted from the money within the card. Living in Markham, the quickest way for me to travel…