MPM17B – Assignment #2 – Thoughtless Acts

1. Wall as Table
We often use the closest flat object/space we find when there’s no table nearby. Since we are almost always surrounded by walls, we don’t even realize we are writing on a vertically flipped table.

2. Plate as Tray
Plates can be used for many things, but I highly doubt it’s designed to act as a tray to hold and support a dozen dishes on top of it. This is something waiters commonly do at Asian restaurants, stacking every dirty plate possible to create an un-collapsable sculpture.

3. Cooler Hole by Beach Shore
I don’t really know what this hole by the beach shore is for, but I’m pretty sure it’s not intentionally designed for people to place and cool their snacks and drinks in the hot blazing summer.

4. Feet Rest Theater Chairs
I’m sure we have all done this once before: using the empty theater seats in front of you to rest your feet. Those with long legs will find this more comfortable than the minimal space available between each row of seats.

5. Towel/Cloth Hanger as Shelf
This loop is clearly designed for you to hang towels and face cloths over them. However, I use it as a shelf to hold my dryer and straightener instead.


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