MPM17B – Assignment #3 – Public Experience – ‘Thank You’

I made a sign that reads ‘Thank You’ but purposely held it upside down to see if and how the public will tell me I held it wrongly. When someone said “It’s upside down!”, I responded simply with “Thank You”. Click ‘Read More’ for the video of all the responses and more information!

My Predictions Prior…

I believe the public will give my sign a quick look and continue their way. Since Toronto is a busy city, many people most likely will not bother speaking out about the sign being held wrongly. Also, the cold weather really hinders the possibility of a social interaction to form. However, I do believe there will be people who will tell me the sign is upside down.

My Results!…

I stood near an intersection between Dundas and Yonge for 15 minutes and received a lot more response than I expected! Many people passed by, some looked and some didn’t. A lot of people walked by staring, wondering what this Asian kid is up to. Some people passing by gave me a quick note that the sign is held the wrong way. Surprisingly, some people slowed down to ensure I got their message. And there were people who were suspicious and asked if this was for a school assignment. I got the response I expected, but at a grander level for the short period of time I stood there. If I were to do this assignment again, I would have more people help record the public and myself to capture every possible interaction. I will choose a busier time (like rush hour) because there were times where the intersection was not as populated as I hoped (but only for short periods of time). I liked my concept and sign so I would only change the way the footage is recorded.

Special thanks to Kelly Truong for helping me record the video while I held the sign.


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