MPM17B – Assignment #7 – Single Action Interaction

Fortunes in a Bottle This idea was inspired by Message in a Bottle and Kau Cim. Kau Cim is a Chinese traditional fortune telling practice that requests answers from a sacred oracle lot (More information: demonstration video and Wikipedia). Instead of writing a message and sending it into the ocean in a bottle, many slips of fortunes are here for the user to…

MPM16B – Problem Set 2

Please click on the links below for the answers: 1. lerpColor 2. Painting Elves 3. Painting Evil Elves 4. Intersecting Rectangles 5. Devil in Class 6. Devil Babies using Class

MPM17B – Assignment #6 – Gift Exchange

Phase 1: Questions I asked Steve some general questions to get an idea of what he likes. I expanded further into detail after hearing some of his answers to my questions. – What are some of your interests? (games, hobbies, tv shows, etc) “Definitely games, started playing PC games more, but occasionally I’ll play PS3….

MPM16B – Problem Set 1

Please click on the links below for the answers: 1. Emotion: Loneliness 2. Evil Devil 3. Evil Devil Blivet 4. 8×8 Grid 5. 8×8 Checkerboard 6. Loops Composition