MPM17B – Assignment #6 – Gift Exchange

Phase 1: Questions

I asked Steve some general questions to get an idea of what he likes. I expanded further into detail after hearing some of his answers to my questions.

– What are some of your interests? (games, hobbies, tv shows, etc)

“Definitely games, started playing PC games more, but occasionally I’ll play PS3. For TV shows, I only really watch How I Met Your Mother, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and the occasional anime series that someone else recommends. Hobbies are pretty much just sports with friends whenever the weather is good. Things like soccer, cricket, skateboarding, and football.”

– What are your favorite games? (current or old,currently playing or played)?

“I’d have to say Bioshock and Red Dead Redemption are definitely my favourite games, but others such as the Half-Life, Assassin’s Creed, and Zelda series all come pretty damn close.”

– What are some of your favourite foods? 

“That can be the simplest question or the toughest for me. It’s definitely chicken teriyaki BUT ONLY when it’s made by this one chef in my neighbourhood.”

– What are your favourite colors?

“Colors? I’d have to go with red and orange.”

– Is it okay if it was just a decorative piece?



Phase 2: My Gift for Steve

I decided to create a decorative miniature desktop computer for Steve. From his answers to my questions, I can tell he is a gamer and plays a lot of really positively reviewed games. So I created a monitor, a keyboard, a system unit, and a mouse. I also used a picture of his favourite game, Bioshock, as the wallpaper for the fake monitor. I know he said his favourite colors are red and orange, but I didn’t think it would suit the design.

Originally I planned on creating a dragon or a character from one of his favourite games, but I didn’t have the time to design something complex. With a huge workload from other classes, I thought a simple and fun piece made with basic geometric designs was the best way solution. The final product is not as polished as I hoped, but I think it’s badly constructed.

I didn’t know what Steve’s reaction would be. There isn’t any deep sentimental value to this creation so I am not expecting any grand reaction. I presume Steve would think it’s funny, and cute? since it is so tiny.


Phase 3: Giving the Gift

Steve’s reaction to my gift was positive! He smiled and thought it was cool and funny. He complimented on the high quality image of one of his favourite games. Instead of just taking a simple picture with it, he sat down and pretended to use it. It was really funny considering we were in the middle of a busy hallway where many students were passing.

I’m not sure if Steve will keep my gift. It might not be the best decorative piece because it is made of paper and it is very fragile. It might have been better had I used thicker paper to create it so it would be more sturdy. To be honest, I don’t really mind if he doesn’t keep it haha.


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