MPM17B – Assignment #7 – Single Action Interaction

Fortunes in a Bottle

This idea was inspired by Message in a Bottle and Kau Cim. Kau Cim is a Chinese traditional fortune telling practice that requests answers from a sacred oracle lot (More information: demonstration video and Wikipedia). Instead of writing a message and sending it into the ocean in a bottle, many slips of fortunes are here for the user to extract. I thought this idea was simple but meaningful and fun.

I created 53 long individual strips of paper each containing a different fortune. Some are about love, prosperity, career, and some are just plain random. Making sure the text are not visible, I painted the outside bottom half of the water bottle the color of the ocean. I also placed some fabric softening sheets into the bottle to give it an extra superstitious boost. Just in case it wasn’t obvious enough, I made a sign that says “FORTUNES IN A BOTTLE” and used a rubber fish to hold the sign up.

I think my single action, EXTRACT,  was very obvious. When Georgie saw what I have created, she didn’t hesitate or stalled to think what she had to do. She instantly pulled out a fortune from the bottle and read it. She didn’t seem too pleased with hers, so she pulled out a few more.


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