MPM306 – Week 2 Artist Blog – Botanicalls

Botanicalls is an innovative system that opens a new channel of communication between nature and humans. Initially developed in 2006 by NYC graduates, Rob Faludi, Kate Hartman, and Kati London, Botanicalls allows plants in need of water to make phone calls to owners asking for exactly what it needs. Vice versa, owners can phone their plants to check the status, moisture levels, temperatures, and botanical characteristics. This enhances the connection between people and plants, in an effort to promote successful inter-species understanding and remind us the importance of natural life in this digital age. Advanced to accommodate the ever-changing modern technologies, Botanicalls now allows plants to text, email or tweet their needs online.

Sensor probes placed deep into the soil measures the amount of moisture present. The readings are sent to a microcontroller built into the unit that translates the data into information that can be sent over the internet through an embedded Ethernet connection. The information is then sent to the human’s phone, email or Twitter account. These visual and aural reminders will help people who are unsure of their ability to effectively care for growing plants. Through this innovative technology, a plant will never die prematurely again.


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