MPM306 – Week 3 Artist Blog – Philippe Blanchard: Time Tunnel

Philippe Blanchard is a Canadian artist, animator, teacher and curator. He is widely known for his unique fusion of animation, installation, light shows, drawing, painting and printmaking. In Time Tunnel, Blanchard created an experience that transcends time and space. An kinaesthetic experience in a parallel universe with inspirations from light shows, rock concert visuals and raves, while fusing popular notions of human prehistory, psychedelia and early 60s Happenings. Nothing is really moving, but it appears to be. Overhead projectors were upgraded and programmed to emit sequenced projections. With eight RGB strobe lights projected at the graphically-complex patterns, the designs undulate and appears as if it became alive. According to Blanchard, the designs are draw from images of cables and wires, they form seamless pathways, so they connect back and on top of each other. The lights were designed to detect the tempo of sounds or music and change the speed of the light sequence according the the beat. The overhead projectors, strobe lights, wall and floor designs, all appear to communicate with each other to produce an effect that is otherworldly.

Time Tunnel – An Animated Light Show by Philippe Blanchard from Philippe Blanchard on Vimeo.


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