MPM307 – Assignment #1 – Processing Projection: Evolution of Transportation

The object that I will be projecting on is my family’s white Mercedes Benz. I want my piece to showcase the evolution of transportation throughout history. I plan to create a hand drawn animation of a boy travelling along the different
lines and crevasses that define the shape of the car. The method of transport evolves as the boy continues his long journey around the car. Starting with the earliest forms of conveyance like crawling and walking and gradually building towards technological creations that helped mobilize our race like bicycles and trains. The different aspects of the car will represent different terrains and obstacles the boy will face. For example, the shape of the wheel is a big hill which he must climb; and the windows represent water he must pass. The animation will close with the boy reaching the final destination at the Mercedes Benz logo at the very front, ending as the actual car starts and the lights lit up. This idea was inspired by my life as a commuter living uptown studying downtown and the number of different methods of travel I have experienced in the past years. This piece will be video documented and shown in class. The image is just a rough sketch and is subject to change upon more research and brainstorming.

Since I am new to processing and is not at the comfortable level to swim in deep waters, I decided to not do anything too complicated I can not handle. I knew I wanted to film the footage straight on, so I didn’t have much opportunity to play around skewing the proportions of a video to fit a certain space. However, surface mapping really helped me with adjusting the size of the videos to fit with the background of each scene.


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