MPM 605 – Artist Presentation: Park Seung Mo

week 2 - artist presentation 1_01

Park Seung Mo is an artist I find incredibly innovative and inspirational. He is a Brooklyn-based Korean artist that creates amazing sculptures and installations with unconventional materials.

week 2 - artist presentation 1_02This is a piece out of the many portraits he did for his 2013 series titled Maya. When I first saw this picture, I thought it was done with ink and stippling, but when I saw the closeups, I realized that it was actually created with layers and layers of aluminium steel mesh. I think he’s incredibly intelligent to even think of using something so unusual as a medium for his art.

week 2 - artist presentation 1_03Here are two more examples from his collection and what I like about these two is the fact that they are not hung onto the walls, but instead standing freely. And I love that you can actually see through the piece, where the mesh is least layered and I thought that’s really cool.

week 2 - artist presentation 1_04But it was his 2011 series titled ‘Human’ what I found just unbelievable. Here’s one of the pieces, and he makes these sculptures out of aluminum wires. Every piece is extremely realistic and true to the human form and if you look at the closeup on the left here, you can see the amount of worksmanship is spent on perfectly manipulating the wires in the form of the hand. What he does is create a fiberglass casting of the subject or object, and then covers up that cast with rows and rows of aluminum wires bent to the shape
week 2 - artist presentation 1_05
The result as you can see is very lifelike but in a sense surreal as well. And I also love the juxtaposition of being able to use such a hard material to create such soft lines.
week 2 - artist presentation 1_06Here are more examples from his collection. He is no doubt innovative and inspirational in the way that he uses such unconventional materials as the medium for his art.


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