MPM604 – Research Report #1


My research question was “Where do Canadians want to travel to most” and over the last week I gathered some audience research by surveying 45 people as well as some statistical data from StatsCan, and a local travel agency in Markham. Here’s a demographic summary of all the 45 participants: 29 females and 16 males; a little over half of them are born in Canada; a large majority of them are Asian; 87% of them are attending school; 58% of them are unemployed; and 89% of them have traveled overseas

Travel Presenation(1)I asked all the participants to list all the countries they have traveled to in the past 10 years and here are the results: a total of 35 countries with United States, Hong Kong, Japan, China and Korea topping the list. The majority of the reasons were for leisure, returning to where they were born, as well as a few that travelled overseas to study.

Travel Presenation(2)In the survey, I asked them to list the top three countries they want to travel to most and here are the results. Leading with 22 votes is Japan, closely followed by England with 18 votes and France tied with Australia third with 11 votes. Other top competitors included United States, New Zealand, South Korea, Italy, Greece, and China.

Travel Presenation(3)I also asked them to briefly explain why they choose those countries and here is a word cloud with all the key words used in their reasoning. The larger the word, the more it was used. The top reasons being the food, the culture, the scenery, the sightseeing, the shopping, the architecture and because they have never been there before.

Travel Presenation(4)As you can tell my data is kind of biased so I asked a local travel agency in Markham with more credibility. Unfortunately it was still kind of biased because 90% of their clients are Chinese, and the most popular places they visit is China, Hong Kong and South East Asia to visit family and sightsee.
But Canadians that travel more for fun go to the US, and Caribbean countries like Cuba, Mexico and Dominican Republic.

Travel Presenation(5)I also looked at the top 15 countries travelled by Canadians in 2012 by Statscan, and the top five: United States, Mexico, Cuba, United Kingdom and Dominican Republic.

Travel Presenation(6)From all the information I have gathered I feel like there isn’t much for me to work with because it is really based on personal preferences. All the reasons for why they want to travel to a specific country are so similar, whether it’s the food, the sightseeing or the culture. So I think I will try to either further narrow down my topic of interest, survey a greater broader audience, or change the topic itself.



Travel by Canadians to foreign countries, top 15 countries visited


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