MPM604 – Group Discussion

Group Members: Arushaa, Karen, Jeffrey, Kurt, Keenan (absent)

Initial Discussion:

Arushaa: How does the media affect society? What platforms are used most effectively to manipulate people’s opinions?
Karen: Why do people choose to communicate online when they prefer talking in person?
– We discussed the findings of her previous research. Personally, I was surprised to see that so many people admitted to preferring to speak online, I had thought there would be a serious bias.
– We talked about some of the reasons people prefer it going past “it’s convenient”
Jeffrey: Where do Canadians want to travel most and why?
Luke: What is the value of interactive, web-based advertising?

Next we tried our best to combine some of these topics to see what new perspectives we could unlock:
Kurt + Arushaa + Jeffrey had come up with: How do advertisements and the manipulative techniques of social media affect where Canadians travel?
Jeffrey is discussing demographic and culture
– How do our social identities represent themselves in data, and how do we appear in our media?

Meeting with Kathleen:
– Stressed the importance of articulating research
Luke: Might be a good idea to reference each others observations and research
– We have two basic sides to this discussion of media and manipulation: Political (Kurt) and marketing (Jeffrey)
– Everyone else is somewhere in between in a spectrum answering a basic question: How does influence and persuasion work?
– based off the discussion, Jeffrey expressed interest in narrowing his question to embrace a more specific Asian-Canadian demographic, and what factors influence their travel decisions
– Discussed the difference between influencing somebody in person and online


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