MPM604 – Group discussion #2

(notes taken by Kurt)

Arusha kicked the meeting off and we discussed her research in the context of acquiring more details for further work.
– Jeffrey suggested more scholarly sources to supplement the survey she’s done
– Kurt added she perhaps could look for more specificity in her questions
– looking to narrow the topic down
– Arusha read us a few examples of things she collected, wondering how to narrow things down

Jeffrey has done more surveys and research, talked about his work
– Canadians want to travel because of food
– BUT most ads advertise sightseeing. Not food. Interesting disconnect
– Narrowed down research to Asian Canadians
– Can link to Arusha’s work- how does advertising/media contribute to people’s decision? In Jeffrey’s case to travel
– Expressed a concern for where theis topic of travel is going

Discussed Kurt’s work
– progress in interviews and interesting discoveries

– discussing the findings of her most recent research
– people say you can read body language and its more personal, that’s why they prefer speaking in person
– but online is more convenient, making it the most frequently used method of communication for most online users
– discussed the value of face-to-face interviews in comparison to online. How the change in method might affect her results

Chat with Kathleen, who opened up some new perspectives on our research and the topics we discussed
– PEW RESEARCH CENTER is a great resource for much of our work
– For Kurt, she suggested asking people about civil liberties offline and comparing their answers to their online behaviour.
– “Political surveying”, outlining scenarios for them, also taking care to avoid the white coat effect
– Karen talked about her newest sample
– in her initial survey she had a large number of respondents
– this week she wants to interview 5-10 people in person to see if asking the questions face-to-face changes the results
– Jeffrey feels that his topic lacks depth
– went through a mall, did face-to-face interviews- found that cuisine was the main reason for travel and tourism
– Kathleen brought up a really interesting article by the NY Times about TORONTO food culture. A good recommendation for Jeffrey’s research further
– Arusha noticed people perceive “media” as television, Facebook and Twitter. She is looking for specificity
– In the presentations, Kathleen made sure to remind us to STATE METHOD, STATE YOUR QUESTION, THEN TALK ABOUT FINDINGS


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