MPM605 – Hello Threshold!

Since it was our class exhibiting at the IMA Gallery, I had an idea of what might be shown. With the exception of Julian who made an entirely new piece, everyone’s pieces were versions of their past work done for Fall. The opening was pretty successful with a lot of attendants. I also got the pleasure to watch over all the pieces every Friday during my gallery shift.

Although I preferred the concept of Colleen’s swings last term, her modified version was refreshing and cute. It was very well made and I loved how she added the sand instead of what she had last term to give it a ‘sandbox playground’ feel. I think the sensors could be improved because sometimes the other swing wont move even it’s counterpart is.

I liked how Finlay’s piece twisted the artist and viewer relationship. The art only exists when a viewer sticks their head into the piece. While you think you are enjoying footage of other people’s faces in the box, you are also being recorded and becoming part of the piece. Personally, I did not put my face into the box simply because no one should be seeing my skin that closeup ! no no no.

I liked the mechanism that controls Kathryn’s piece. It was very well made and worked with the projection in an interesting way. The piece in itself was funny for the first few times, but got seriously kind of annoying when the woman wouldn’t shut up (no offense). I guess that was the objective of the piece! 

I didn’t completely understand Katrina’s piece but I did liked how clean each frame was presented. I also liked how she didn’t submit an interactive art even though it is a new media show. It kind of got outstaged by the other digital pieces!

I love the interactive and 2 player aspect of Julian’s piece. You can tell that he spent a lot of time on it and people enjoyed themselves playing the game. One thing I noticed though was how the controllers could malfunction unless the player stands behind the dotted line. A lot of people were standing in front of the line which causes the glitches. Clearly indicating where the players should stand would have helped the piece a lot.

Zoe, Erin and Candice’s Emotive Wall was my favorite simply because of the anonymous and filterless nature. It was fun seeing what sort of random things people texted to the wall. What was interesting was people that are usually quiet and shy in class texted the most (ahem we all know who). Her piece was very successful and a lot of people interacted with it because the program got some many texts that it crashed several times, requiring her to restart it.

All in all, the opening for Threshold was pretty hectic but everything came out well. Each of the pieces have their own charm which made this year’s show very special. I would’ve submitted if there was something I was immensely proud of ! Maybe next time around. . .


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