MPM605 – PHOTOXSYNTHESIZE ( Update #1 ) – after peer reviews

I received positive feedback as well as criticism from Steve and a few of my classmates and here are my responses to some of the biggest concerns about the project:

1. “the screen: could potentially be distracting from the three flowers  ; may not be necessary ; might hurt the piece more than aid it”
> my thoughts: I agree in a sense because I was worried about it taking away from the main core of the piece, which is the interactive flowers ; I thought about using tablets or maybe just audio but still have not decided yet. I think I will make an actually flower first for the user test so I can have some time to think it over. I definitely don’t think I will be using a big projection anymore though.

2. “idea is kind of cheesy”
> my thoughts: I like cheese. ESPECIALLY CHEESE PIZZA. I’m too into my idea right now to change, so if it’s too cheesy for your taste then eat something else.

3. “budget was unrealistic”
> my thoughts: I looked at the situation as an art proposal in the real world. When we leave Ryerson we won’t have the beautiful amenities of the cage and Barry to lend us beautiful high-tech equipment to use. The number obviously is unrealistic if you are looking at it as a student. I was thinking ahead, outside of school, and what a realistic budget would be. Buying a laptop for the project? I don’t know about everyone else but I have one laptop, so if I need a projection for the piece, adding a laptop to the budget is kind of realistic right?

4. “this may take a lot of time”
> my thoughts: I’ve always wanted to go all out on a project, and now that I have an entire term to do so, I am not holding back! I will definitely try to follow my schedule when it comes to getting things done so I don’t fall behind in the coming weeks. But to be honest, I have no doubt in my mind that something will pop up and all the sudden I’m like what, user tests already and I got nothing? damn

Other than that, I was pleasantly surprised with how most people positively responded to my concept and proposal. Next step for me is to start an actually flower and see if it to do whatever I want it to do !


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