MPM605 – PHOTOXSYNTHESIZE ( Update #2 ) – constructing LILY

Over the reading week I started making my lily flower in preparations for the user test. It was definitely a lot harder than I expected. I knew that it was going to be time consuming but physically building each petal was a pain in the bud. However, I pulled through even after stabbing myself nonstop with the wires. Here is what it looked like when I connected the petals together in a triangle shape (3 for the top and 3 for the bottom).


Next was trying to figure out what in the world I am going to use for the stem. It took so long to wrap little petals so there was no way in hell I was going to wrap a long thick tube. Plus, I needed it to bend easily, allow me to stick something through, and maneuver without disconnecting any wiring. So I made a stop to Home Depot and luckily found this long silver tube that worked perfectly with my flower top. It’s is some sort of toilet tube connector (yay toilets)! I also created wrapped two wires together with bronze wire to create the stamens of the flower. This is where I will attach the LEDS at the ends. This is how the flower started looking when I put everything together.

IMG-20140224-WA0003The next step was finishing up the wiring for the LEDs and writing the actual program code. Things are turning out very nicely at this point in time so hopefully everything will continue running smoothly.


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