MPM605 – PHOTOXSYNTHESIZE ( Update #3 ) – the code & decor

This is where things started to go downhill. The original plan was to get the flower to move (along with the LEDs lighting up) whenever someone shines a light to the soil (where the photoresistor was). I initially wanted to use a servo and have the top petals rotate, but it didn’t work out because it would cause all the LED wiring to tangle along the middle. Furthermore, I couldn’t get the coding to slow down the servo speeds. So instead of spinning the petals, I thought having a motor that moves the petals moves in an up and down motion. Steve suggested that I use a stepper accelerator but seeing the prices at Creatron made me cringe. But the bigger problem is not knowing if it will actually do what I want. Plus, the actual mechanism was so big it hard to make it work with the LED wiring and extremely difficult to hide it. I wasn’t willing to take that risk because I’m sure I won’t be able to figure out the coding by the user test, so I decided to just stick with LEDs. I was actually quite disappointed in myself because I had to downgrade my original concept.


For the LEDs, I wanted it to do a fade effect whenever the photo resistor receives light, and fade off when the light is removed. The coding was a lot more complicated than I imagined. I wrote a bunch of different code but none seemed to have work. I had really no choice but seek for Steve’s help (which at that time was not for another 3 hours?). So I took the time to start creating the decor in which the flower will be placed in.


I began smashing scrapes of electronics I found and it was HARD. They were invincible and impossible to break effectively. I wanted really refined, small pieces of circuitry as the soil and I was very disappointed I couldn’t achieve that. Since it was the day before the user test, I decided to let it be because the coding was far more important at this point. 

Long story short, I was the second last person to leave Hack Night. Steve helped a lot with the code and we finally got it to work the way I want it to. All that was left to do was assemble the piece and present it the morning after.


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