MPM605 – PHOTOXSYNTHESIZE ( Update #5 ) – Class Work Period

So after the feedback from the first user test, I decided to change the interaction between the flowers and the users. I didn’t really like how lighting the soil doesn’t really convey the concept I was striving for. Plus, since there was only one photoresistor, sometimes it didn’t work when people were flashing at different areas of the pot. What bothered me the most was the brightness of the flashlight and how it kind of overconsumed the LEDs in the flower.
So I thought of another interaction that involved IR proximity sensors where when someone places their hands near the pot and flower, the LEDS lit up. I liked this idea because it’s like the user is directly transferring their energy to the flower to light it up. Because of my cheapness, I got IR emitters and receivers (seperately) from Active Surplus because it was way cheaper than Creatron’s premade (combined) versions, and it turns out that it is a pain the ass to work with. When David explained how I had to do this and that to get it to work effectively, I knew it wasn’t going to end well especially with all the other work I still had to do. My cheapness actually costed me $10 in the end.
Luckily, as we continued to search for alternatives, David reminded me of the exercise we did last year with the aluminum foil and how I can maybe emulate the effect of IR proximity sensors just by using capacitative sensory. Which then made me wonder if the wires are actually conductive in itself, to react to the human touch. Lo and behold it actually works! So I came up with the idea that roots (made with the wires) will sparse from underneath the pot and the user interaction will be the physical touch on the roots. Here we go!


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