MPM605 – PHOTOXSYNTHESIZE ( Update #6 ) – progress update

So for the progress update meeting in class, I created my second flower, the rose! It was a lot harder than I expected because I had to make more petals than the first, but I’m very pleased with how it looked by the end. I bought a different tube to see how it looks as the stem and it looked okay, but the main problem was getting the flower to stick to the top of the rod. I also went ahead and coded so the LED will light up whenever the wire roots are touched.

The roots were actually kind of finicky. Not every strand reacted, and it sometimes just down right didn’t work. Luckily it worked for the duration of my meeting with Steve so he knows basically what I was trying to accomplish. The LED magically lit up as well when he touched the actually flower which I was not expecting because it didn’t work the night before! Steve suggested I change the resistor to a stronger one so I have better control over the values of the interaction. My biggest issur right now is trying to drill a hole in the bottom of the vase so I can feed the roots through there instead of over the top of the vase down.

Overall the meeting went well and one more flower to go!


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