EID100 – Module 5

What makes Tweetdeck an appealing application is its immense customizable features that enhances the Twitter experience. When using Twitter on the web or mobile device, you only have a singular column that shows you tweets and retweets made by people you follow. Whereas with Tweetdeck, the app gives you the option to optimize the interface by adding more columns with your specific area of interests. Let’s say you live in Canada but want to be up to date with current events in another location, you can search “Hong Kong” and add a column to the interface with tweets about Hong Kong. Tweetdeck also allows you to filter down tweets by language, number of retweets, and more to further narrow down your searches.

Screenshot 2014-10-07 20.30.17

Sometimes I find more up-to-date information on Twitter than I do with search engines like Google. For example, I have been keeping up with the recent political protests in Hong Kong when it first occurred. Searching Hong Kong on Twitter resulted in many tweets regarding the issue. As oppose to searching on Google, only a few links (to news networks) were shown about the matter, and the rest was general information about Hong Kong. When the peaceful protest turned violent, a lot of Hong Kong twitter users live tweeted what was going on. It wasn’t until then did the first page of Google search results featured more predominantly relevant links to the issue at hand. In this scenario, I got a better understanding of the situation earlier on by searching on Twitter than I did with Google. Major news outlets for the most part summarized what happened and why. Whereas, I got a better feel for the real-emotions sent by live-tweeters as it happened.

I use both Twitter and Google to search for news and updates regarding my areas of interest. However, I do prefer Twitter whenever I am seeking real-time or very new information that has yet made its way to Google’s first search results page.


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